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„Kholat” receives 2 nominations for best game soundtrack of 2015



I'm honored to say that Kholat receives 2 nominations for the best game soundtrack of 2015 by gamemusic.net and graczesluchacze.pl. Additionaly, tvgry.pl mentioned the soundtrack as one of the most i [...]

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Composed and designed audio for „Layers Of Fear” by Bloober Team



I had a great pleasure working on this one. The game is available as Early Access on Steam and received fantastic reviews by gamers (97% positive reviews). Check out the main theme, which the beaut [...]

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Mary Elisabeth McGlynn sings for „Kholat”



Mary Elisabeth McGlynn, which is best known as a fantasic singer for Silent Hill series (Akira Yamaoka) and extensive English-language dubbing of various animes (e.g. Ghost In The Shell) has recorded [...]

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